Hope for the 2021 Holidays

Video Livestream Presentation by Nancy Weil - Begins Sunday at 4 PM
Welcome to "Hope for the 2021 Holidays" with Nancy Weil.  Thank you for joining us.  The program will begin at 4 PM.  
Monday morning the presentation will be uploaded to this page so that you may watch it again, or recommend it to friends and family.  It will stay on this website through the 2021 holiday season.  
We hope that you find tonight's program helpful and as always  appreciate your honest and constructive feedback.  Please feel free to call Ann or Laura during weekday business hours at the funeral homes by phone, email or Facebook.  We wish you a Christmas season and New Year filled with peace, blessing and healing.

Future Support Group Meetings

If you would like to listen in or participate in Nancy's online support group, which meets at 7 PM EST  on the third Tuesday of each month. There are two ways to join the group: Video and/or Audio Chat from your computer, tablet or smartphone at this link OR Audio Chat using your phone dial (in the U.S.) 1-646-876-9923 Meeting ID is 917-7868-2953# (do not submit a participant ID, just hit the # key). If you have questions about how to join online, contact Nancy at nweil@ogr.org or 512-334-5504 ext. 304.

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