Death of Adult Child

Confessions of a Grieving Father

Susan Smith shares her interview with Zig Ziglar, author and world's most sought after motivational speaker about the death of his daughter. Ziglar says that grief is not only unavoidable but desirable because it "brings us to the point of realizing the vastness of our love," and it "puts us in a position to trust God alone for our restoration." Grief is "perhaps the most profound way of expressing love," he writes. "The more we love a person we have lost, the greater our grief."

When Your Adult Child Has Died

The death of a child at any age is the greatest fear of all parents. Parents should not have to bury their children. It is "out of order" and feels wrong. It shatters their whole world. When your child dies, you lose not only your child, but your hopes and dreams for the future. As your child grows up, and you begin to see their dreams realized, you live with the assumption that you will not have to see your child die. Sherry Williams White, Grief Specialist, shares information to help you understand your feelings and how to cope with them.