Grief, Mourning, Darkness, and Light

Deb Kosmer, social worker, writer and grief specialist, shares her poetry about darkness and light for those of you who are grieving. She has put her words on paper as part of her own griefwork and shares it with you.

by Deb Kosmer

Someone turned off the lights.
It is so dark
How can I see?
How can I find my way?

Everything has changed.
What can I hold unto?
My pillars of support have crumbled
I am afraid.

Unless you have walked in this hell hole
This absence of light
Do not tell me I shouldn’t be afraid
Do not tell me I shouldn’t be angry
Do not tell me to be thankful for what I have

You who walk in the light
Who still see and feel the warmth of the sun
You who merely guess at the shadowy path
That leads one to here.

You have your theories, your words, your ideas
I have the truth
You do not ask for
Because you are afraid.

So, who really walks in darkness?
Perhaps, we each have our own
If you would listen
I would enlighten you

And then the darkness
Would lessen for each of us
As you cross over
Into my world.

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