Internet Scams

A notice to our families and the community: Protect yourself from Internet based scams.

Virus- laden obituary notices

The Sun News in Cleveland, Ohio reports that a computer virus is being distributed through an email invitation to a funeral or memorial service for the unnamed friend of a recipient. Subject lines include “funeral notification” or “passing of your friend”. The messages include actual funeral home names and personnel. Readers are asked to click on a link that provides more information. The link is infected with damaging malware. Delete all messages that do not name a specific person or that appear suspiciousVisit Email Virus Scam for more information.

Casket & vault sales websites

Casket stores, big-box stores selling caskets and websites do not necessarily mean “good deals”. Funeral homes must accept third party merchandise by law but we have yet to see a “deal” from such providers. Our caskets have been priced at wholesale plus a small freight/inventory charge for over 20 years. We have a nice-looking 20-gauge steel , American-made casket in five colors priced at $800 and simpler products for even less. We stand behind the products we sell, have same-day delivery if there is a defect or problem and there are no “packaging” or “transportation” issues or charges. Do not pay for any burial merchandise until you talk to the local funeral home handling the service. Recently a family overpaid at least $800 for merchandise on one of these websites, did not receive the correct products and was charged $150 for packaging, which consisted of a plastic dry-cleaner bag. Once you have given your credit card to these out-of-state operators, there is little hope of recovery without major legal fees. Shop us before you fall for this one.

Floral Arrangement Specialists

This started in Ohio and has reportedly spread to other states, including Michigan. A bogus company with a florist’s name sends families an invoice for floral arrangements a few days after they have attended a funeral or emailed a condolence to an obituary website. Families may assume it was sent by another family member and pay, rather than question the bereaved family or the funeral home. Do not pay for flowers you did not order from a florist you do not know.

Internet Flower Providers

Although heavily advertised on radio, on-line flower sales are not desirable for funeral flowers. They often arrive without cards, without vases or after the service. We cannot send a damaged or poor piece back, as we would with a local florist. Our website includes a list with phone numbers of local florists, or use your hometown florist’s nationwide network. Not only are you supporting local businesses but you have a line of defense should they not perform. Please feel free to email us with positive or negative reviews of the florists listed on this website.

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