Death of a Child

How to Grieve as a Family

Jessie Flynn, writer, Life Coach and Grief Specialist shares this story to help families see how to approach grief as a unit. She writes: "Our entire community mourned the loss of such a young, promising life. We also praised the manner in which the Afendoulis family conducted themselves throughout their three-year ordeal. From blood drives to fund-raisers to prayers, churches, schools, neighbors, and clubs all joined together in supporting efforts to heal Lainie. Unfortunately, in the end, the disease proved too aggressive, and their first-born, 12-year-old daughter died."

When Your Child Has Died

The death of a child is unthinkable and may seem unbearable. Life is never supposed to be like this. Parents should never have to bury a child, but sometimes we do. How do you go on living? How can you find anything to give to the rest of your family? This article will help you understand your feelings and what to do with them. You will learn coping techniques for you and your family.