Death of a Sibling

Death of a Sibling

Every relationship is different and the relationship between a brother and a sister can be one of the most enjoyable, complicated, complex and sometimes horrifying ones we have in our lives. Sherry Williams White shares the unique experiences and reactions to grief when a sibling dies. Learn not only what you are feeling but how to cope with your grief. You do not have to live in the shadows of your brother or sister. Nor do you have to try to fill the empty space that person left. Be gentle in your despair and let the love you shared comfort you now. Even though death comes, love never goes away.

When Your Brother or Sister Has Died

The relationship with a brother or sister is a special relationship, some good and some not so good but one that is carried with us through lilfe. When a sibling dies, it is normal to feel that a part of us dies along with them. And no matter the relationship, the family picture is changed and so are family roles. Sherry Williams White shares information about grief when a sibling dies and provides coping strategies to help you manage your grief.

The Magic Pill

Jessie Flynn, writer, Life-Coach and Grief Specialist, shares her personal story and how she coped with the loss of her brother. She writes: One month ago my brother Jimmy died in a car accident on an icy road during a flook April snow storm. I was devastated. Brother, best friend, confidante, fun-loving companion for life (or so I thought), he was my personal treasure. And after a tough childhood, we both had vowed always to be there for each other. The irony of this loss is that I am a grief counselor who helps others heal. And now I am in such indescribable pain that getting through the day without crying or thinking constantly of him is impossible.