Good Morning, Daddy

Ten year old Michael Lewis has used his writing to help him cope with the sudden death of his 40 year old dad. He shares his stories with other kids his age to help them understand and cope with the death of a loved one.

by Michael Lewis

“Good night my little prince,” the widow mother said to her 10-year-old son, Michael. She always had a talking time with her son every night to talk about his day, his worries, his troubles, and his dreams. His father passed away a year earlier and his adventurous mind was full of questions about him and their life they had and could have had.

Michael loved to sleep because that meant he could dream. His imagination always made up good dreams. This night was like all the others. He had the most amazing dream! This dream seemed so real—like it really happened.

His house began to shake and rumble and before you know it, it shot right up into the air. Man, did it travel fast! Past the clouds, past the asteroid belt, past every planet big and small.

“Was this really happening?” Michael wondered.

The darkness turned to light—a bright light. As Michael opened his eyes he saw this huge golden gate as tall as ten sky scrapers. The sign said, “Welcome to Heaven. The Only Utopia Place.”

“What? I’m in Heaven?” Michael murmured in disbelief.

Angels were sitting at the gate and they embraced Michael with open arms. They said, “Welcome to Heaven. Would you like to go on a tour of Heaven or visit a soul who already lives here? Let me explain to you that during the day, our souls are human-like; you can actually see, touch, and talk as if you were humans. At night, they turn back into souls.”

Without even thinking about it, Michael knew exactly who he wanted to see. He said, “I would like to see my dad, Wes Lewis.”

The angels walked Michael over to a machine, Michael typed in “Wes Lewis.” Instantly, a hover-craft appeared. The angels lifted Michael into the hover-craft. The angels typed in a code and the hover-craft glided Michael over the clouds—straight to an enormous mansion! It was pearly white, the size of the White House (actually even bigger!)

An angel escorted Michael to the tall door. As they entered Michael said, “Daddy? Are you here?”

Wes, who was in the downstairs game room, heard this angelic boyish voice. He knew that voice like no other. Immediately, Wes ran as fast as a lightning bolt—straight up the stairs. “Michael? Is that you?”

As soon as their eyes met, Michael jumped into his daddy’s arms. Oh, how long he had wished he could do that. He felt so real—his arms were as strong as he remembered them. His smiles as bright as the sun’s rays in the morning. His laugh as contagious as the flu. His hug felt warm and tight. Michael felt so safe. This heavenly hug was than any hug on Earth.

“I have missed you sooooo much!” Michael cried, tears running down his cheeks.

“How’s mommy? How’s Morgan? Are you doing OK?” Daddy asked.

“We cried a lot last year, and we miss you a lot but we’re all doing OK,” replied Michael.

When they finished hugging, Wes said, “Want to see this Heavenly house?”

“Sure!” Michael replied.

They marched up the stairs and Michael saw a room that said, “Wes Lewis.” Beside it was a room named, “Michael Lewis.” And another room that said, “Morgan Lewis” and still another “Elizabeth Lewis” Michael gasped because he couldn’t believe that they were going to get to live together in Heaven.

Wes said, “Pretty neat, huh?”

”How much did this house cost you?” Michael asked

Wes explained, “Nothing costs anything in Heaven. God made these rooms for us to live with Him. He knows how much we love each other, so we’re all in the same house. Mamaw Mary and Grandpa Galloway live here too. We get to see each other every day.”

“Daddy, before I go, I want to tell you some exciting things. Morgan made the Crosby basketball team 2 weeks after you died. A month later, I also made the Bowen basketball team,” Michael said proudly.

“I already know that you made those teams because I can see you from up here. You are awesome on the court (and on the soccer field). I want to show you where I go 24/7 every day,” Wes explained to his son.

Wes walked Michael outside and showed him the glass floor of Heaven. It can zoom in on our house and neighborhood.

“I can watch you play with your sister, see you in school, see you at home doing homework, see you helping at church—everything. I’m proud of the way you’re helping your mother and the way you treat your friends. Keep it up buddy!”

“It looks like you have to go. You have to wake up now because it’s almost 6:00 a.m.,” daddy said.

“But daddy, I want to stay with you,” Michael whimpered.

“I know it, son. But I enjoyed our time together. Let’s make a deal. Let’s not tell your mother about this dream until we all get to Heaven. We’ll take her (and your sister) on a tour of this Heavenly house, and tell her about this dream, OK” Wes said.

“OK daddy. I love you so much and I miss you dearly. I won’t ever forget the awesome dad you were to me on Earth and I’ll try to be the best kid I can be…until we meet again.”

“Beep, beep, beep,” the alarm rang. Michael’s mom came in and said, “Good morning sunshine. Did you have a good night sleep?”

“Oh, yes. I had a great night sleep,” Michael beamed.

After Michael got dressed, and packed his lunch for school, he said, “Mommy, would you like me to go and get the newspaper for you?”

“Sure,” mom said.

Michael ran outside, the sun was not up yet. As Michael looked up to the sky, he whispered, “Good morning, daddy!” As he was walking back inside, a star winked back as if to say, “Good morning, Michael.”

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