Holiday Contract

This is a contract with yourself, giving yourself permission to take care of you this holiday season.
  1. I will pay close attention to my own needs.
  2. I will plan ahead.
  3. I will lower my expectations of myself.
  4. I will express my emotions.
  5. I will take charge where I can.
  6. I will acknowledge my grief.
  7. I will accept the likelihood of my pain.
  8. I will be gentle with myself.
  9. I will do something in memory of my loved one.
  10. I will turn to others for support.
  11. I will ignore bad advice.
  12. I will start a new tradition.
  13. I will do something for others.
  14. I will harbor hope.
  15. I will get through the Holiday season.


Signed, ____________________________

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